Fat Stack is a new spin on an ancient game, which will provide hours of enjoyment for fans of logic games, puzzles, and board games.

Many people have played the triangular version of the ‘Peg board game’ as a kid, perhaps at a certain casual dining chain restaurant we all know and love. I liked that game so much that I went and created this whole new variation to give you a new take on those classic puzzles!

In Fat Stack, the board has game pieces (coins) set about a 6x6 grid, and the only way to move each coin is to jump another coin next to it (left, right, up or down), so it is your job to figure out a sequence of moves that will leave you with just one single coin stack on the board. Sounds simple enough? Well, trust me, it can get tricky!

In Fat Stack, the goal is twofold - 1) leave only a single stack at the end, and 2) ‘level-up’ the fattest possible stack on the board that you can. (Hence the name Fat Stack)

The whole game came from one single idea - what if I could level up pegs during a peg game? As a huge fan of RPG’s myself, my opinion is that leveling things up is just so much more fun than not, am I right? From that idea came many variations, and ultimately the game Fat Stack was born. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do!


Over 9,000 levels!

All created and solved by me, the game maker, using my own custom-built level creation and solving programs, in order to make sure that 1) each level is actually solvable (unlike some games!), and 2) to find out the Fattest Possible Stack for each level. This makes it so you can know with each level you play that it is DEFINITELY solvable, and also you will be able to find out how well you did compared to the optimal strategy.

Switch between Difficulties with ease!

4 different Difficulty Levels - Easy, Medium, Hard and EPIC - a level of challenge for everyone! Ranked according to the number of coins initially set on the board at the start of the level. Change the difficulty right from the settings menu, in 2 clicks!

Keep Track of your Puzzle Stats!

The ‘My Stats’ section will track all the puzzles you complete over-time so that you can keep an eye on just how much puzzle solving you’ve been doing, and at what difficulty levels!

Favorite levels you want to re-play

Utilize the ‘Favorites’ system to bookmark levels you enjoy, or have difficulty with, and then you can revisit them later.

Designed for swiping!

This game was made from the start to be played on handheld touch devices - simply touch and swipe the coin in the direction of the jump you want to make, and the gesture system will recognize what move you wanted to make and make it happen! Don’t worry about pinpoint precision, this is a casual game meant for playing on-the-go.

Programmed for minimal resource usage!

Developed for low resource usage - not a memory hog, and not graphically intensive. This game will work on lots of older phones, not just the newest and shiniest!


Special Thanks

To whoever in ancient history first came up with Brainvita / ‘peg solitaire’, I want to thank you immensely for the joy you brought mankind. You are a genius, and I mean that.

I’d also like to thank the restaurant chain ‘Old Country Buffet’ for having the triangle version of the classic peg board game on all their tables, or atleast they did when I was a kid. That was awesome, I would play that game whenever I ate there with my family. I really appreciate that you exposed so many young people to such a fun and interesting game. It clearly made an impression on me and stuck with me.

To all the artists who publish art, music, sound effects and other game assets on free/open source licenses. Thank you so much. You make it possible for so many of us - people like me, who are not so artistically inclined… - to make our ideas for games a reality when we couldnt otherwise. Shoutout OpenGameArt