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Hello, my name is Joe Norton.

I like to build things with code.

I have a vision for how marketing can be done in the future in a way that creates genuine connection between brands and their audience; I think there is more than just throwing money at Google in adspend.

I think the future of marketing will depend on creativity, interactivity, and innovation.


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Use innovation as a marketing tool

Typical Digital Marketing Mix

  • Paid Ads (mostly Google, Youtube)
  • Outsourced Content Creation
  • Stale, Static ‘brochure’ Website
  • irregular, low-engagement email newsletters

What’s missing?

  • wheres the innovation?
  • is google using your money wisely?
  • are paid ads creating real brand value?
  • is your website creating brand value?
  • are there less ‘saturated’ opportunities for creating engagement with your audience?

Let’s make something your audience will love

use innovation to create positive interactions with your brand

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