Hi! My name is Joe Norton. I like to build things with code.


For 7 years I was a partner & Chief Software Architect at one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency’s in the nation.


I sharpened my teeth doing web analytics reporting, creating SEO plans, developing for the web – creating one-of-a-kind web experiences for some of the biggest consumers brands in the U.S. I designed and built things like: live heatmaps fed by a data pipeline, ‘smart’ quizzes that suggest products, and other fun widgets that could make an impression on the target market and are actually useful/fun/interesting, and something that creates brand attachment.


I don’t think Paid Search is the future of digital marketing. I think Google is looking to automate this away. I don’t see it being sustainable. They disagreed.


I think bespoke web and mobile app experiences are the future. That is how companies will engage with their audience in the future. That is how they can differentiate. By showing that they actually know the market, and that they are willing to take on some slight risk in order to create something unique for that audience. This shows thought leadership, this shows being in-touch.


Now I am working directly with clients, no more middlemen, and if you are looking to bring creative interactive functionality to your website – then let’s talk.


Send me a note and let’s start brainstorming